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Miguel Ajami
Miguel Ajami

Miguel Ajami

Saints And Sinners Tattoo Lounge

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my name is Miguel Ajami , i have a BA in advertising/ marketing and a Phd in tattooing :-) as a kid i wanted to be a dinosaur but that didnt work out much when i got older, so i became a tattoo artist instead! started out in a tattooing school in miami and came back to lebanon. been tattooing for almost 6 years now and i dont see myself doing anything else in my life! my dinosaur dreams have faded and i found something even cooler than that! im the guy that used to draw at the end of the page on an exam in school. my teacher would always give me an extra credit for my drawing and tell me if i had put that much extra work in studying i would have passed. Nowadays when im not tattooing sick ass tattoos on people i teach an online tattooing class for the US and some parts of europe . i specialize in surrealism tattoos, either black and grey or colored, and i dabble in other tattooing styles if needed be. All in all i love making people happy in their skin! Ps: i do not tattoo Polynesian, maori, etc...(sorry) i do not tattoo arm bands or any kind of bands ( sorry not sorry )

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Miguel Ajami
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