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The Effects of Getting a Tattoo: Know What You're In For

The Effects of Getting a Tattoo: Know What You're In For
17 Jan, 2023

The Effects of Getting a Tattoo: Know What You're In For

Think Before You Ink!

A tattoo is probably one of the most defining factors of a person's personality. The culture, imagery, and symbolism that may be imprinted on someone’s body can say a lot about them. But getting inked isn't as simple or straightforward as it seems. These tattoos carry both physical and emotional effects so they should be considered carefully before being applied to the skin permanently in ink.

The act of modifying our bodies is a decision that will affect us personally and those around us. It sure represents art for us but it is always important to research both sides of the coin!


Negative effects of getting a tattoo

The first of the common tattoo drawbacks is infection. While tattooing is considered an art form, it is actually a skin-injuring procedure. A wound is cut during the tattooing procedure. This includes the epidermis (top layer) and dermis (middle layer) of the skin.

Within the first two weeks after getting a tattoo, you're most exposed to a skin infection. Redness, itching, and discharge are some of the symptoms. It's also possible that the area will swell. Other symptoms, such as fever, disorientation, or vomiting, may appear if the infection spreads or becomes persistent in difficult situations.

Even if you're getting a tattoo from the world's top tattoo artist, there are no guarantees, and you should be aware that the possibility of infection will always exist. Make sure to read our Tattoo Aftercare blog to reduce the risks of infection:


The second disadvantage we'll discuss is the tattoo effect on delicate skin. If you have sensitive skin, you may have rashes after getting a tattoo. This is mainly due to the ink rather than the needling procedure, particularly if it contains plastic. The most allergenic pigments are red, yellow, blue, and green.

Red hashes, hives, inflammation, and extreme itching are all signs of an allergic reaction to tattoos. Swelling is another possibility. Unlike infections, allergies can still appear years after the tattoo is applied.

It is permanent…

Every year, our tastes, preferences, and love for things change.

Are you sure that you'll still like the tattoo design you're getting inked now in ten years? Are you confident that if you get your boyfriend or girlfriend's name tattooed on your body, the person will remain in your life for years, without you regretting your decision?  It's a sad reality, but getting a tattoo on the spur of the moment, in a rush, or in response to a certain event or memory is not the best idea.

Complications with MRI

MRI scans are much more sensitive to metal objects than traditional X-rays. Rarely, the metallic particles of tattoos can cause the MRI scan to send out high levels of heat, which could lead to burns on the skin or in other nearby places. Tattoos can also be problematic for MRI because the metal that is on the tattoo can result in a bright signal on an MRI. The tattoo may distort the view of the patient's anatomy and make it difficult to read the MRI scan images. If your tattoo was inked with low-quality pigments or if the tattoo is old, you may be more susceptible to such reactions.

 If you're worried about your tattoo interfering with an MRI scan, talk to your doctor.


Positive effects of getting a tattoo

Yes, tattoos may have some negative connotations but they also have major positive effects. Tattoos can be incredibly beautiful and unique, and they can add a lot to a person's appearance as they have many aesthetic benefits. That's why so many people enjoy them.

Stress Relieving, Depression Healing

You may be wondering how a simple tattoo could possibly have a positive effect on mental health. But the truth is, when you undergo the tattooing process and get inked, you experience an adrenaline and endorphin rush that makes you feel like you're on top and out of the world.

People all over the world who suffer from depression are finding new ways to distract and free themselves from its grasp. Getting a tattoo can be one of those ways. The process of getting a tattoo is often very therapeutic for people suffering from depression; it exposes their skin to fresh air, allows them to focus on healing, and helps them forget about their troubles for a while and overcome them one step at a time. While the stress and depression fight is true, tattoos keep you focused on the important aspect of your growth! This concentration can help improve your mental health by making you focus on things that matter: taking care of yourself.

Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular as people use them to raise awareness about mental health and other causes. This concept allows those who are suffering from mental illness to feel loved and included. Its impulsiveness set it apart. In many countries, tattoos have served in raising awareness through massive movements, removing the stigma associated with mental health. They serve as discussion openers for stigmatized people and send the word to everyone to prevent the stigma from spreading.

Boosting Immune System

Tattoos are a wonderful technique to improve your body's natural defenses if you want to fully strengthen your immune system!

In fact, the immune system is stimulated and strengthened by tattoos. When your immune system identifies a foreign invasion in your body (which is the tattoo ink), antibodies are produced to fight it. When you get a tattoo, this happens to provoke the activation of the body's defense mechanisms. This immune response reduces your body's defenses at first, but when the initial shock wears off, the body's immune system becomes stronger as a result of attempting to fend off the ink, much like a vaccine.

Making Better Athletes

Tattoos can help those who want to improve their sporting performance. Tattooing can be a useful tool for people trying to grow muscle and stay consistent in their physical routines due to its potential to reduce cortisol.

If you enjoy going to the gym and lifting weights, you're probably aware of cortisol's harmful impacts. Cortisol levels are high in the body, which causes persistent muscle discomfort and sluggish healing. Fortunately, you may permanently lower your body's cortisol levels by getting tattooed several times, letting your muscles recover and mend considerably faster. This allows you to spend more days doing what you enjoy and has less downtime in between.

Boosting self-confidence, Self-esteem

Tattoo promotes body positivity and can be a powerful statement of self-love. Those who have tattoos understand the feeling of self-assurance that comes with new ink. It's thrilling, and you want to flaunt it – similar to the sensation you get after getting a great haircut and wanting to show it off! This could be due to the fact that a tattoo provides you with a sense of self-control. People often say they can't wait to get their next tattoo. This anticipation is a great way to focus on positive, proactive areas of your life that you can control. It's a fun and creative way to distract yourself from any negative vibes or unwanted energy.

Expressing Yourself. Feeling Good

Some people see them as an opportunity to express themselves, their identity, their personality, and their culture in creative ways that are not possible with clothing and accessories alone. Tattoos are becoming more and more popular as people seek to express themselves in unique ways. Many people choose to get tattooed as a way of expressing themselves and the things that they love or even to commemorate their dearest people or events. Tattoos are permanent and can be used to symbolize one's life, beliefs, values, or memories.

People are drawn back to tattoos because the process is enjoyable. Yes, getting a tattoo does hurt – but it’s the body’s response to this pain that makes getting tattooed feel so good. Your body releases a combination of endorphins and adrenaline, resulting in a euphoric state. This feeling is addictive and leads people back to the local tattoo shop. So, are you ready now to get inked?

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