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Tattoorism - Are you a Tattoorist?

Tattoorism - Are you a Tattoorist?
24 Feb, 2022

Tattoorism - Are you a Tattoorist?

You guessed it right! Tattoorism is a play on words that combines the terms Tattoo and Tourism.

How are these two words even related?

Basically, tattoorism is when you make a tattoo while traveling. Considering that traveling and tattoos are two realities that have only become more common and more accessible to the general public in recent years, it's only natural that these two go frequently hand-in-hand.

There are two types of tattoorism. Read on to learn which type of tattoorism, your travel tattoo belongs to.

Active Tattoorism

When you go on tourism with the intention to do a tattoo then you take part in active tattoorism.  Here are some scenarios in which it might happen:

  • You travel to the United States, St Petersburg, Florida just for the purpose of attending the Ink Mania Tattoo and Art Expo so you can get inked by local Russian or German artists.
  • You travel to Seoul in order to get a Korean tattoo from the most famous Korean tattoo artist.
  • It is your friend’s desire to travel to Thailand for his Sak Yant tattoo that he wants to do using the traditional method since he is a Buddhist.

All these scenarios share common similarities. They all revolve around getting new ink and the consequence was the trip itself. So, the next time you travel to a country just to get your tattoo done by your favorite tattoo artist, you call it active tattoorism.

Passive Tattoorism

On the other hand, when you travel to a country and there, you decide to get a tattoo then, you are a passive tattoorist. Again, here are a few scenarios of when this happens:

  • You visited Tokyo and you loved the place so much that you decided to get a tattoo in order to engrave the experience. 
  • Your brother is road-tripping with his friend around the USA and when they crossed Milwaukee, they all decided to get a Traditional American style (aka old school) tattoo.
  • While you are in New York, you lose a bet and your friends dare you to get a weird tattoo from the nearby tattoo parlor.
  • You and your soulmate went to Rome on your honeymoon. There, you both decided to get a minimalist matching cute tattoo.

Congrats! You’re now a tattoorism expert!

That is pretty much it. Whether you engage in active or passive tattoorism, the important thing is that you have an ultimate tattoo experience. Now that you know the types of tattoorism, you will be able to distinguish your next tattoo type. Remember, when getting a tattoo while traveling or while traveling to get one, make sure that you do it safely and that you allow an appropriate healing process.

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